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Women's Tribal Support

Lift, Support, Enrich, & Destress

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What is Women’s Tribal Support?

Women’s Tribal Support is a safe space for women with an “it takes a village” mentality, where members lift up each other in love, encouragement, and respect. Rooted in bi-monthly gatherings, the group will be facilitated by Alli MacKenzie, who ensures you receive the utmost love and care you deserve.


Intentional Movement.

Guided Meditation.

Mindset Coaching.

Medicinal Cuisine Recipes.

And More.


Women’s Tribal Support is offered in three-month cycles, starting on the Equinox or Solstice of each season. Memberships are available in three-month commitments, or can be purchased for a full year upfront.


Alli is a certified yoga instructor, neurolinguistics/timeline therapy/hypnotherapy coach, and home herbalist, so you know you’re in capable hands.

Bring your life to a higher level of enjoyment, find the strength and positivity needed to take on life's challenges as if they were mole hills. Join the Tribe today!

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