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Owner of MacKenzie Athletic Therapies

Welcome To
MacKenzie Athletic Therapies
Specializing in increasing TISSUE HEALTH from Workouts & repetitive movements causing Pain & Discomfort. 
MINDSET HEALTH by moving past what holds you back & BOTANICAL HEALTH to add in necessary aids for a long and Active Lifestyle!

Hi, I am Alli MacKenzie, Owner and therapist.

I created the MacKenzie Therapeutic Methods, a trifecta of Tissue Work, Life Transformations through thoughts, and customized Herbal Creations for your health.

  • Tissue Health Method: I target pain, tension & immobility brought on by intense work outs and hard work days via Sports Massage Assess and Correct 

  • Mindset Health Method:  There comes a time when you realize that you haven't reached your full potential, or that "something" is missing from your life. Through Neuro Linguistics, Timeline®️ Therapy and Hypnosis I will guide you through a simple step-by-step process to empower and strengthen you to move forward.

  • Botanical Health Method: As a home herbalist I find that there is great power in using home remedies that don't have health risks. I custom formulate each product to aid in reduced muscle tension & pain, increase endurance & recovery, and to balance the gut for an optimal intake of nutrients during digestion.

WHAT DO YOU DO? You contact me, I'll take it from there!

I am developing a course for each method to simplify the At-Home-Self-Care process. The first step to Increase efficacy in your day-to-day living which leads to a happier and longer Active Lifestyle!.

WHO AM I? I am a Creator, a Powerfully Loving Woman and a Therapeutic Practitioner! What you don't know is that I have lived many lives, gone through experiences and made decisions that I believed had shaped me and determined my life's outcome. Through a personal journey I have found alignment with my inner core.