Hi!  I'm Alli MacKenzie,
Certified Massage Therapist for over 12 years, practitioner of NLP, TimeLine Therapy®️, Hypnotherapy, and founder of MacKenzie Athletic Therapies. My mission is simple:
Relief, Balance & Empowerment
A Long & Active Lifestyle
My journey into massage began during my first career as a Motorcycle Mechanic and Instructor. I love fixing things and teaching people, as well as the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. So when the stock market crashed in 2008 and my career was on the line, I found massage and it's been apart of my life ever since.


I use my hands to 'fix' people, offer support by listening to their stories, and build amazing relationships along the way! In 2018, after having my first child, I decided to become a full-time massage therapist. It gives me freedom and a sense of worth to positively change lives through massage.

I have always been surrounded by athletes, like my sister who is an elite CrossFit athlete and my husband who is a brown belt BJJ practitioner. They, among other experts (Olympic lifting coaches, strong man coaches, etc.), have allowed me train with them, which has given me a strong connection to the tension and pain that athletes feel. It wasn't until 2021 when I realized I enjoyed focusing on helping athletes, so I founded El Segundo Athletic Massage to do just that!
  • CAMTC #43694, ABH # H38358

  • Education: AA Degree

  • School:

    • California Massage Therapy  

    • iHeal Institute

  • Certificates:  

            Rock Blades, Rock Tape​

            Sports Massage


            Thai Table Massage

            Lymphatic Drainage Massage

            Deep Tissue


            Jade Stone Massage


            Zen Shiatsu

In addition to my alternative therapy practice, I also enjoy working out at our local Rising Wave Athletics and dropping in at Torse House BJJ. My hobbies are being an Herbalist, and Adventuring with my family which includes my beloved dog Tank. I am one lucky lady with amazing clients, friends, and family.


It can be uncomfortable going into a new massage studio blind.

So hopefully These FAQ's will help dispel some of those myths or questions we all think but may not ask.

Will My Pain Be Addressed & Go Away?


We will be communicating to ensure that the area of pain is being addressed. Ask any question you have- sometimes work is done in areas you wouldn't think are necessary but turns out directly affects the pain.  While I am confident in my skills, each person's pain is different, which means it doesn't always go away in the first session. Most times it will take multiple sessions- remember, it took a while to create the pain, and so it can take a few sessions to take it away. 

Do I Need A Doctors Note For My Injuries?


If your injury does not require medical attention (a minor pull or sprain) than give the area 48 hours to start the healing process. If it's just bruising- come in as soon as you are able. If the injury required a visit to a medical facility let's fallow the doctor's advice and work around or with the injury. Surgery?... we can do post and pre operation massage with doctors consent. Most times a doctor will ask you to wait a short period of time before getting a massage on the area.

How Many Sessions?


Great question! In many cases it takes 8-10 sessions, and depending on severity it will require weekly or twice a week sessions. Then there is maintenance- if you are self motivated to do all we talk about to maintain the recovery needed...then I'll see you every 3 months. If your time is short and you can't fit in the recovery process on your own...I'll see you every other week or minimum once a month. 

What Skills/Techniques Do You Have?


I LOVE this question! Because the more informed you are, the better we can collectively plan each session. All you have to say is... "You know that technique where you ____, can we do that today?"

Some of the techniques I like most are:

-Kenisiology (RockTape) Tape to aid in reducing bruises and support your muscles during training

-Deep Tissue- especially to provide more mobility to the spine

-Cupping and Rock Blades to help release tension surrounding the muscles

-Heat to melt away tension

-Passive stretching to open you up for more mobility

-Active Release where I am using massage techniques while you slowly move the muscle I am working

...and there is sooo much more.